Chewy Candy & Lollipop Products

Find a huge assortment of sweet and chewy candy available from our catalog. Choose from our Ball or Flat Lollipop for everyone's favorite treat. Ball Lollipop, an old time favorite for the young and the old. These lollipop candies simply bring the smile in kids and bring back memories from the yesteryears for adults. Flat Lollipop, a twist of the classic ball lollipop offers the same sweety goodness, is a nice spin for the old classics. Stock up on chewy candy for birthday party celebrations. When there's a bowl of soft, chewy candy sitting on the table, no one can seem to get enough. With young children, Toffee candy is always a favorite for all occasions any time of the year. Our Toffee candy let you imagine the taste of molasses or caramel, and let your mouth savor its sweety goodness. If you need a twist with your regular toffee, why not choose our fruity candy range that your kids will love, and they will love the wholesome, fruity flavor.

If you are looking for something fun, choose our lollipop and candy that kids will love. For the occasions that candies and lollipops are needed, always remember that Central Sweets is one of the best sweets manufacturer in Malaysia.