Amazing Facts About Lollipops

The lollipop as a type of candy comes hoisted on a piece of stick that can either be edible or plastic. Since this piece of confectionery made its way into the mainstream market, it has managed to pull in a strong following among both the young and the old. Conventional lollipops were basically a candy and stick affair, but the emergence of many manufacturers in the Malaysian market has now revolutionized that. Today, these types of sweets come in many sophisticated forms and boast a wide array of flavors, colors, designs and sizes.

But there is a softer, mysterious and incredibly amazing side to these candies on stick, which is essentially what we are delving into right now. Let’s dig in.

1. There are hundreds of designs and flavors

You might get so used to your favorite candy stick that you get to thinking it is the best, tastiest and most spectacular out there. Well, that is not exactly true. According to nutritionists, there are literally hundreds of lollipops brands and flavors out there. All appeal to different people and are based upon very unique ingredients. Malaysia alone boasts tens upon tens of brands of the delicacy in its wholesale shops and retail stores.

2. The world’s largest lollipop was as tall as a giraffe

That is right. In 2002, lollipop lovers woke up to the fascination of a 15 feet behemoth of a lollipop that was made to showcase just how popular and iconic the confectionery is. The making of this candy took weeks and when pictures emerged on the internet, everybody picked up the vibe. Interestingly, this candy was even more intimidating in weight. According to reports, it weighed more than 20 grown tigers and needed electricity to port around. Hard to see how that could be done, but it actually did happen.

3. Lollipops have spawned a culture

When they could not suck on it, they have been living off it. These candies have made the world stand up and take notice in more ways than one. Currently, there are dozens of companies and entities going by the candy’s name. Movies have been made and songs have been released. Brands have grown simply because they imbibed that name. You will find it interesting that last year, Google released a version of its mobile operating system, and the name was, you guessed right, Lollipop.

4. Lollipops have been around for at least a hundred years

Historians speculate that these candies have been making waves for as long as everyone has been around. These assertions are backed by documents that show that this type of candy was first made in the city of Connecticut. The man responsible for the invention called the candy lollipop, after the name of his favorite horse, who went by the moniker Lolly Pop. Production huffed and strained for the next decade, but the very first commercial lollipops were eventually rolled out in early 1920’s.

5. The first lollipop machine was really slow

Rumor has it that when the production of lollipops started out, there was a real scarcity of effective technologies. Eventually, scientists and engineers found that they could rig together a device that would produce the grand sum of 40 pieces in a run. Back then, this was a major scientific coup, but not today. In the modern scenario, there are machines that churn out lollipops by the thousands in a second. These devices use the most sophisticated technologies there are. Engineers use computer models to determine the size of each piece and they seek to fit as many designs as possible in the same production line.

Lollipops were initially considered a major hit in confectionery circles, but starting out was difficult because they were seen as a product for the kids. However, these perceptions were soon overrun by the increasing popularity and design in the types rolled out by manufacturers. Currently, the product is a big yes for people across all ages. Malaysia has many producers of lollipops and all have unique designs and distinct flavors meant to appeal to different tastes and preferences. Central Sweets is one of those manufacturers and is known for the variety, sophistication and flavors of their candies. The company’s products have won a huge following in the country and abroad, with diverse offerings available at

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